Jose Mourinho provides Zlatan Ibrahimovic injury update

Ibrahimovic was notably off the pace when he made a miraculous return from a serious knee injury way ahead of schedule.

Mourinho explained the veteran striker wasn’t satisfied with his condition and is working his way own way back to form before returning to the squad.

“Zlatan is injured, or is not totally happy with his condition,” said Mourinho.

“He fought like a tiger, like he likes to say, to be back, which he did.

“He was starting having minutes here and there, he had a start, he had 60 minutes of one game and started another one, and had 45 [minutes] , and he was not happy with his feelings.

“He consulted other doctors and other opinions, and we all made the decision to stop treatment. When he’s feeling really good, he can come back to work.

“The date for him to be back to training with the team was around the end of January or beginning of February, so let’s hope his feelings are better and we have him as soon as possible.”

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