Javier Tebas takes a new pop at Pique and Suarez

Javier Tebas does not hold his tongue when speaking about Spanish football. Asked at the Web Sport Congress in Barcelona about Luis Suarez’s attempt to get a deliberate booking against Girona, Tebas said: “I’m against these type of things. It’s not good to try to get booked so you can’t play. While I am president there will be fair play, because we have to set an example for the youngsters.

“I don’t think it’s strange that Barcelona went two years without giving away a penalty. Mateu’s refereeing? I think there are a lot of opinions, not even with VAR can we clear things up 100 per cent. I don’t give an opinion about the referees’ performances.”

On Pique, he said: “I’m against provocation, we have to get the hypocrisy out of football.”

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