Jamie Carragher says it’s hard to criticise Victor Lindelof

Jamie Carragher has admitted it is difficult to criticise Victor Lindelof because he is ‘so far out of his depth’.

Lindelof came on in the second half but his performance was underlined by a mistake in possession which allowed Dele Alli to get one-on-one with David De Gea.

Speaking after Manchester United’s 3-0 home defeat by Tottenham, Carragher said: ‘I can’t really criticise Lindelof because it gets to the stage that he’s so far out of his depth that you start to feel sorry for him.’

United capitulated in the second half. Harry Kane and Lucas Moura scored three minutes apart from each other before Moura added a third goal.

‘We saw the side of United tonight where they’re still fighting,’ Carragher said. ‘The worrying thing is if you’ve got that in a game, and you’re still losing 3-0.’

The former Liverpool defender suggested that Jose Mourinho’s side still needs about £200million spent on improving it.

Carragher added: ‘There’s a serious lack of quality, if you’ve spent £400m on a squad. How do you lose 3-0?That’s a team that looks like it still needs £200m spent on it.’

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