Caldara-Bonucci-Higuain swap finalized by Milan & Juventus

AC Milan and Juventus have reached an agreement for the mega-operation including Bonucci, Caldara and Higuain.

The few details that were missing have now been resolved, and the move is a done deal, with only the contract signatures missing.

Caldara and Higuain will join Milan, while Bonucci will go the other way, being the Rossoneri’s counterpart in the straight swap for Caldara, as both were valued at €35m.

Higuain will sign a one-year deal with the Rossoneri initially, joining on loan for €18m. However, Milan will redeem the player next summer for €36m, even though it’s not an obligation to buy, rather an option.

It’s been reported that the players could take their respective medicals already on Thursday, although it will most likely take a bit longer for Bonucci as he’s currently with the Milan squad in the USA.

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