Bernardeschi: ‘Ronaldo’s an example of someone who’s held several roles’

Federico Bernardeschi has expressed his ‘pride’ at playing for Juventus, despite his Fiorentina past.

Bernardeschi won a domestic double in his first season as a Juve player, and the winger touched on his decision to leave Fiorentina for their traditional rivals, as well as the possibility of playing in central midfield, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Italy’s future under Roberto Mancini.

“Change of position? The Coach will play me where I’m needed most,” he told Tuttosport.

“It’s always nice to learn something new. If I’m needed as a mezz’ala, I’m ready for it. Apart from central defence, where I’d probably struggle, I think I can play anywhere, although obviously I love playing closer to goal.

“Ronaldo’s an example of someone who’s held several roles in the past, but then with the evolution of his football, he found himself playing in front of goal so he could take advantage of his huge talent as a finisher. Playing with him will be a huge source of pleasure.

“I think I had a good first season, even if I was injured at the best points of the season. Everyone makes their own decisions, I don’t regret mine and I’m proud to wear the Juventus shirt.

“The national team? It’ll take time and patience, but we don’t lack talent. We have many strong players. who have quality and can make the difference, and this must be a source of pride for Italy.

“I’ve met Mancini and I think he can be the right person to lead Italian football’s rebirth.”

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