Arsenal fans pay more than any other supporters in world football, confirms UEFA report

Arsenal earn more money per fan through the turnstiles than any club in world football, according to a new UEFA report – a fact sure to enrage Gunners’ fans already dismayed at becoming a ‘selling club’ again as they struggle to contend even for a top four Premier League place.


1 – Arsenal (£74.09)

2 – Chelsea (£68.71)

3 – Real Madrid (£55.91)

4 – Liverpool (£55.68)

5 – Bayern Munich (£54.92)

6 – Man Utd (£53.41)

7 – Barcelona (£51.59)

8 – Galatasaray (£48.64)

9 – Man City (£40.83)

10 – West Ham (£35.30)

11 – Juventus (£33.71)

12 – Tottenham (£33.11)

At a time when England’s top-flight clubs have never been wealthier and with Arsenal having the costliest seats of all, they sit sixth in the league, a massive 23 points off the title pace, eight points shy of a Champions League berth and five points behind fifth-placed Tottenham.

Many of their fans are fuming at a perceived lack of cohesion to the club’s player recruitment and retention policy – with strikers Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott on the verge of departures.

Official confirmation that those same fans are paying more than anyone else on the planet in exchange for mediocre on-pitch returns and an apparent inability to retain their best players is sure to needle them further.

UEFA’s ‘benchmarking’ report is an in-depth look at off-pitch club football ‘health’ in the continent’s 55 nations, with the European governing body considering everything from finances to social media popularity to attendances, kit deals and use of agents among other things.

The latest edition of the report, published on Tuesday, calculates the average ‘yield’ per match-going fan, or in laymen’s terms works out how much each club earns in revenue for each person through the gate.

At Arsenal, where the tickets are the most expensive in the Premier League, that yield is £74.09 per fan per match across the season.

As our accompanying table shows, that puts them well clear of next costliest Chelsea in second place (£68.71), and they in turn are well clear of Real Madrid in third place (£55.91), then Liverpool (£55.68) and Bayern Munich (£54.92).

UEFA say: ‘The average yield provides a benchmark for the price of attending football matches. It reflects all types of gate receipts including season tickets, match day tickets, membership fees (where tickets are part of that membership), premium ticketing and hospitality [income] .’

UEFA point out that a key group of clubs near the top of the list, including Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and West Ham have moved to new stadiums in relatively recent times.

‘The average yield underlines the positive impact stadium development can have on increasing the revenues of a club and on diversifying their revenues,’ the report says.

But the bottom line for many Arsenal fans will be yet another reminder that they are paying the highest prices in the world for a footballing product that falls short of so many of their rivals, at home and across the continent.

Arsenal also top the list of biggest gates receipts on aggregate (as well as per fan), with £102m in the most recent season. They were followed by Real Madrid on £100m then Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The top 20 comprises eight English clubs, five German clubs, four Spanish clubs, two Italian clubs and one French club. Together, these 20 clubs generated just over £1 billion in gate receipts, or 48 per cent of all European top-division gate receipts.

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