Abidal’s cousin: I didn’t make a cent, I donated my liver to help a family member

Eric Abidal’s cousin who donated his liver to the former Barcelona player forthrightly denied that he made any money from it.

Gerard Armand spoke publicly for the first time since the state prosecution said that they would reopen the investigation into who was the doner.

“I didn’t make a cent out of it, how can you ask that? I just donated an organ to save a member of my family,” he said.

“I went to Barcelona to have some tests and analysis.

“They confirmed that my profile coincided with that of Abidal, one of his friends was also compatible but my liver was a lot bigger.

“The doctors decided to take part of my liver. I remember that I signed papers in front of a judge in Barcelona and everything was very transparent. The operation took place in April, I spent three weeks in hospital and four weeks in the city.”

Armand added that he was available to answer any questions and that his family were going through a difficult time with all the accusations and journalists following them. He denied having had contact with Abidal since and that his father is the brother of the former player’s mother.

The investigation has come to light after a telephone conversation by Sandro Rosell was recorded and he made out that the liver had been got hold of illegally.

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