Chelsea press officer ‘narrowly avoids horrific accident’ as storm blows glass table off terrace and causes thousands of pounds of damage to Conte’s car

A storm caused havoc at Chelsea’s training ground and saw the club’s press officer narrowly avoid a horrific accident.

According to a report in the Sun, a glass table top blew off a terrace at the club’s Cobham base narrowly missing director of communications, Steve Atkins and crashing into Antonio Conte’s car.

Atkins was walking to his car, adjacent to Conte’s Nissan Juke, when the powerful gust sent the table top flying. Conte’s car suffered thousands of pounds worth of damage in the incident, which according to the report, left Atkins shaken.

A Blues insider, who saw CCTV footage of the incident, told the tabloid: ‘It’s dramatic stuff.

‘You see Steve walk right past Antonio’s car, then suddenly this massive square of glass hurtles out of nowhere and down on to it at frightening speed, sending thousands of tiny pieces flying everywhere.

‘Steve was pretty shaken up by the whole thing, as you can imagine. And Antonio’s car was left in a right old state. A gaping hole right in it.’

Conte’s first-floor office has an outside area complete with garden furniture, including a large, square table, which blew off the terrace.

Conte’s modest motor has been taken away for extensive repairs and he is driving a Toyota Yaris in the meantime.

The Italian shunned a luxury club car and opted instead for a more environmentally friendly, run-of-the-mill family crossover to get him from A to B, as he lives just a mile or so from the training ground.

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